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    How to minimize without crashing?

    Sameer G Level 1

      Howdy Adobe!

      Is there a way I can minimize the program window without having the program crash? Or is that just too much to ask? I believe you call it Adobe Digital Editions, version 4.0.3. Build 110333... ish? It totally sucks! Let me tell ya! I had no problems with ADE previously (with previous version), until I updated. I'm not sure what version I was on, but I am pretty sure it was major version 4. But ADE kept nagging about this great new... pesky version... that's supposedly so grand and amazing... so I took the bait yesterday and followed through with it and udpated. My experience with ADE has never been the same since! Yeah... it's that good. Not!

      Let me tell ya! If it ain't broken... don't fix it! That's the rule I normally tend to live my life by. I broke that rule yesterday, and now I'm suffering consequences. I was getting tired of the nagging about it. Apparently there is no way to turn auto update, or update check off. Why not? Seriously? That should be up to me as a user. Is it that bad to run an outdated version of ADE that update checks and installs must be enforced upon us?

      So if I start ADE, it starts OK and it stays that way. I can read books, create bookshelves, and even miximize the program window (wow! what a luxery!). But as soon as I click the program button on the taskbar to minimize, or otherwize minimize the window (e.g. Win+M or Win+D) it minimizes and subsequently crashes. I get the message saying that the program stopped working. Nice one!


      I have done all the hops and I have not been able to resolve this. I have uninstalled (completely), rebooted, reinstalled, yet the problem remains. What's worse is that Adobe has no way for users to report bugs with Adobe software. There is this Feature Request / Bug Report web form that's supposedly a way for us to communicate major flaws in Adobe software with the appropriate team members. It says in the description that all feature requests and bug reports are read, but they are not replied to. So you might as well be talking to a wall, when you don't even get a "Roger that!" or "Affirmative!" response. I would expect these forums to be more engaging and effective than that web form. What's even worse is that there is no option to report bugs relating to ADE! Is that because Digital Editions is free software and under-prioritized?

      I am running Windows 8.1 Pro, x64.


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