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    Do DNG HueSatDeltas correspond to DNG profile editor points?

    Medoomi Level 1

      I understand that the HueSatDeltas table in a DNG profile has 90 hue divisions & 25 saturation divisions (2250 total, excluding the value positions)... and these in turn record the hue shifts and saturation scales from these points.


      Does anyone know if the dropper points on the color wheel in the DNG profile editor correspond directly to these 90 x 25 positions... Or are they simply arbitrary positions in the editor from which the resultant surrounding hue shifts and saturation scales of the adjacent points in the 2250 DNG profile positions are interpolated/calculated?


      I had hoped that I could find the values corresponding with the 24 patches on a color checker and determine the hue shift/saturation scale recorded from these by reading the DNG profile... Or will that simply not work?