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    Vista and WinHelp

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      I find it fascinating that Microsoft distributes winhelp.exe (16-bit
      WinHelp) as part of Vista but stubbornly refuses to distribute winhlp32.exe
      (32-bit WinHelp). Apparently Microsoft still needs/wants to use WinHelp
      popups so they're keeping the 16-bit WinHelp executable as part of Vista.

      So now here's my question... Robohelp has its own .dll (RoboEx32.dll) that
      it allows us to distribute. My understanding is that this is what allows us
      to have the tripane view. Having been mostly away from help development for
      the last several years but about to enter the fray again, what happens if I
      develop a RoboHelp Help2000 project and load project.hlp, project.cnt and
      the RoboHelp .dll file onto a Vista machine (which only has winhelp.exe)??
      Does this work?