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      Is there such a thing as over-rendering? I'm not really understanding the purpose of rendering and was wondering if I keep rendering the my project if  reduces quality of the videos. Seems like when I do. My videos appear shaky. This is on Adobe Premiere Elements 13.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Timeline rendering is a preview thing. It does not fix your video. Its indicator line over the Timeline content is the program telling you whether or not it thinks you are getting the best possible preview for the play back of your Timeline content in the Edit area monitor. Orange line over content = needs Timeline rendering to get best possible preview. No colored line or green line = you have the best possible preview, no Timeline rendering needed nor available.


          Every time you edit a video clip that has been Timeline rendered, you will get a message from the program that Timeline rendering is need for it to give you the best possible

          preview of the new edited version that you just produced.


          It does not reduce quality, since it is a preview thing. If your best possible preview from Timeline rendering looks poorly, then it is time to plan troubleshooting strategy to determine



          I can go on with more and more details of Timeline rendering, but I will leave you with the above for now.


          Please indicate if you want supplemental information on Timeline rendering.


          Thank you.



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            josea43769858 Level 1

            ATR Thank you for you response. I later found out that in fact rendering had no effect in my final production. Once I exported my video it was crispy clean. Thanks for you help.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the update. Great news of your success. Great job on sorting out and following through on the troubleshooting.


              It is a tough call on whether to Timeline render or not. You do not need it to continue. But it is that window of opportunity to catch a problem sooner or later.

              There are times it is needed to see what you have when dealing with effects, transitions, titles, and such.


              Please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions on Timeline rendering or any of the features of your Premiere Elements workflows.


              Best wishes