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    Font changes between family

    NimChimpski Level 1

      I got a project from a designer that had all the supers for a doco I am working on. On first open it warned of missing footage and missing fonts. I didn't want the (guide) footage and after looking through the supplied directories, found all the fonts. After installing all the fonts AE still warned that the regular weight was missing....??? I checked the fonts and found a curiosity: dinreg.ttf was in the list I had installed but when I opened it in windows font viewer it was obviously the regular weight but the title in the font previewer was black. I opened the one labelled black and it was black. Then opened medium and it is also labelled back. I pushed on and set workspace only renders for each super and found that the rendered output the reg and medium weights randomly flick between the correct font and another font. I scratched my head went in to a few and reset the font by selecting and changing away and then back and it was ok. The next day I just re rendered and they were ok.


      a Further issue is trying to stop media Encoder from generating .xmp files. I set metadata to none but it seems to ignore me.