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    How can I be sure that the Ink&Slide is actually off?

    digisign76 Level 1

      Every time I get my Ink&Slide and I get to work, after a few, I noticed that the app is saying that the stylus needs to be charged, even if at the beginning, when the app is just launched and it recognizes the stylus correctly, it says it has 100% of charge.


      According to the instructions out of the box, you should keep the button pressed for ten seconds, after which the stylus should be turned off.

      But how can I be sure that it is actually off?

      Every time I tried, and then maybe I tried (without touching anything or pressing the button) to use it again, it was still working on the iPad.

      So I just want to be sure mine is working correctly and it is not defective.

      Any advice will be very welcome.