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    Anyone had much joy running AE on a Hackintosh?

    Karel Bata Level 1

      I have to run some software on both Mac and Windows (AE will be on Mac) and rather than buy a powerful Mac and use Bootcamp, which is a bit beyond my budget, I thought a Hackintosh could be the answer. But I hear mixed reports.


      AE is the important one for me, so i thought I'd enquire here.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A home made computer is a homemade computer. Sometimes you get lucky and your combination of hardware and software works well and sometimes it doesn't. This applies to Windows and Macintosh. Properly configured with compatible components you should be okay. One piece of incompatibility and you're in for a world of trouble. Since I do this for a living I stopped building my own computers more than 10 years ago because I can't afford the time to troubleshoot problems that a good technical support team could solve in five minutes.


          I would check the Hackintosh Community boards for hardware selection and then expect to spend days or even weeks making things work reliably.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Since I am the Premiere Pro BenchMark guy I did about 3-years ago create a Hackintosh for Premiere.  It was a struggle to find all the right drivers for OSX but I was successful.  I really found out what I wanted that their is not much difference in Premiere Pro performance between Windows and OSX with the identical hardware configurations but as I am in never ending new Hardware evaluation situation it was just too much to keep that system also up and running.  As Rick said check the Hackintosh communities for tested configurations.  Here is a great starting place