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    Resumes in Word and in Indesign - how to merge the two and how to keep them consistent with one another


      I work for a company where the partners and project managers need to access their resumes in word.  They also write proposal materials, etc. in word with a lot of bullets and some formatting.

      When I get these documents, it takes painstakingly amounts of time to format and reformat.


      I thought that if we keep the Data in an excel spreadsheet, and then I set up a merge in an Indesign template along with a Word Template, that when I need a resume, I would just run a mail merge.


      I set up the template in Indesign - I put in the merge fields for Client name, project name, title of the person, and the project description.


      When I run the mail merge - everything merges pretty well.  However, each merge becomes its own page, and I am only interested in having it on one page that would then flow into another page.


      Could someone please advise?


      I feel that if Partners ONLY update the Excel spreadsheet - resumes can remain "fresh."