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    Launching AIR application(MAC)

    babo_ya Level 3
      <MAC ONLY>
      I created a 'hello world' AIR app. using Flex builder 3 and I click the debug button and the somehow helloWorld-app.xml launches in Dreamweaver. Does anyone know how to fix this? all i'm trying to do is create a simple AIR app. and click the debug buttons.

      Thanks for your help
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          Hi. I don't think we've seen this before. The engineer who handles this area is out on vacation this week, so I apologize if it takes us a bit to follow up.. In the meantime, would you mind posting your exact steps? I.e. are you literally just running the AIR project wizard, adding some code to the default application it generates, and clicking the debug button? Anything else? You're not double-clicking the -app.xml file directly by any chance, are you?

          If you could also note the version of Dreamweaver you have installed that'd be great.

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            mike_morearty Level 1
            I'm back from vacation, but I don't have any suggestions or questions beyond the ones Tom already posted. babo_ya, if you can follow up with a reply to Tom's questions, we'll see if we can figure anything out.