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    Problem with brochure for print...borderline newb


      Hi there. Im trying to get to grips with Indesign and for my first gig I landed a 60 page brochure - in fact it was an update of an existing one so i had an indesign file to play around with. All went well, client signed off, looked good...then it went to print and it all went a bit pear shaped.

      The printer is saying that pages are overlapping each other somehow - yet the spreads look fine in indesign itself...




      But when i export to pdf with crop marks turned on the page do seem to overlap a bit....Im not even sure that this is the actual problem but I guess my question is, -should- the individual pdf pages look like the one below with the next page slightly overhanging? I apologize if I havent given enough info, if there's anything I can add just let me know. Any help will be massively appreciated!

      Doc itself is slightly larger than a4, facing pages on, bleed 3mm.