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    Custom Preloader...

    Clark_Kent101 Level 1
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm new to Flex and am trying to put together a custom preloader using the example provided by Adobe on this page. All I want to be able to do is change properties of the existing preloader. In the example provided by Adobe only the label is modified as well as the display time of the progress bar. I'm trying to change things like the text color, background color of the panel that displays the loading progress, change the color of the loading progress bar, change width and height of that panel etc. If anybody could point me in the right direction by providing a few examples of changing those properties I would really appreciate it.

      Thanks a bunch :),

      - Tony
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          From what I can see with Adobe's example the preloader diplays the image welcome.gif which is located in the preload folder. I would create my own image to include everything you want it to show in a program like Fireworks and save it as a welcome.gif file replacing Adobe's image with yours.

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            Clark_Kent101 Level 1
            Hi John,

            Thanks for your response :). The example I was referring to in my previous post doesn't have anything to do with a welcome.gif image, it simply displays the default preloader with a custom string for the download progress bar. However I do know of an example on another website which uses the welcome.gif image, and instead of displaying an image, I want to display the normal default preloader but with different properties - like a different loading bar color, different background color of the preloader, etc.

            Here is the link to the Adobe example that defines custom strings for the download progress bar.

            And here is the link to the welcome.gif example.


            - Tony