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    Catalog reset

    JakobLammel Level 1

      Hello community,

      I have an really awful problem. My Lightroom Catalog just reset itself to a catalog from 8 months ago.


      So, what exactly happened: I just started my PC and opened Lightroom - Lightroom asked me which catalog I wanted to open, which was weird but okay, I chose it and there it was. Well, mostly. I noticed that a lot of photos were missing and a lot of albums were not here. Okay, weird, maybe it hung up -> close, and open again. Same. Damn. Close it, take a look at the catalog file. Last time edited -> mid on june last year. Okay, Backups. I store the backups on the same drive in a different folder - all backups after the last edited date are gone. Including one from recently (a few days ago).


      I immediatly shut down the PC, just in case the catalog is still somewhere I really dont want to overwrite it.


      Now, does anyone have any idea what this is? How can Lightroom reset itself to such an old version? What should I do next? Take out the SSD and run a file-recovery on it?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!



      Windows 7

      Lightroom 5.7

      250GB Samsung EVO SSD (Catalog + Lightroom + Backups)

      1TB WD Blue HDD (Photos)

      i7 4790k, nvidia 770GTX, 16GB RAM