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    Color Space Problem


      Ok so I'm having a huge problem with when I go from lightroom to photoshop to edit it is changing the color space on my photos and is causing me a lot of headache and my photos to look muddy and the colors to be off. I know this because the photos I started editing in lightroom and switched over say that they were for some reason save in Pro photo RbG and then the photos I pulled up directly from camera raw to photoshop save in srbg. I would love to know what setting in lightroom I need to change to make this not happen anymore! Thank you!

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          Photoshop has settings for default colorspace. So that must be set to sRGB.

          In Photoshop when working on raw files you can set the colors space anytime under the settings.


          It is my understanding the Lightroom uses Prophoto for the raw file colorspace and you cannot change that.

          The change occurs on export or file save options from lightroom so you make the change there on saving or exporting.

          Check those settings to see what color space is embedded on export.


          Also you can use bridge to synchronize your working colorspace settings (under Edit Color settings). I would try this first to sync your desired working colors space across all applications.



          Good luck