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    Autotrace an Animated GIF?


      Hi you all,


      Ive been breaking my head for a long time and cant seem to solve it.


      I have this animation in Flash, exported is as a png animated file (.gif)

      The animation is white on black and only squares. So when i use autotrace in After effects, it works.

      But it only works for that particular frame.


      Is there a way to autotrace an entire GIF animation start to finish?


      The thing i want to do is convert my flash animation to 3D animations eventually.

      But first i need the vectors (by tracing it) and i would like to keep the sequence.

      Instead of drawing it all over again!


      Please help



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Wrong method. you need to convert the GIF to a proper image sequence first using a suitable tool like pretty much any image viewing and conversion software (Irfanview, XnView) or Photoshop.



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            Brucezwarts Level 1

            Good job! Thanks for the reply!


            Well that worked. For people who are curious:

            You choose IMPORT in Photoshop, then choose "video frames to layers".

            Then edit however you like it, then EXPORT it to "render video".


            However, just went in Flash to my original animation and exported it as a video there.


            Im using Element 3D by video copilot to turn it into a 3D animation.

            The problem i have now, as i extrude the autotraced animation, it only applies to the frame im in.


            How do i extrude the whole traced sequence (animation) instead of 1 frame so i have a 3D animation????