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    Problem with StyleManager in Flex Data Services Project

      Ok, weird stuff here. If you make a new basic project and attempt to use StyleManager, (to load comiles CSS at runtime) it works...in other words, this works:

      import mx.styles.*;
      StyleManager.loadStyleDeclarations( "styles/test_1.swf" )

      However, try to create a simple Flex Data Services project and use the same code, and for some reason you don't see loadStyleDeclarations as a method of StyleManager, but everything else seems to be there! even stranger, from within the Flex Data Services project, you can call us StyleManager.as and see clearly that loadStyleDeclarations is there. Is this a bug, or do I have some horrible configuration issue? I have tried this on another machine with similar results. Help would be greatly appreciated, at least to confirm others are seeing the same problem...