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    Problem with Audio and RAM Preview




      I am fairly new to After Effects , and I quickly ran into an Audio problem.
      Ok, so I have one pre-composed sequence, and while in that sequence I can preview Video Only just fine ( by pressing spacebar ), I can also preview Audio Only just fine ( by pressing (.) on the Numpad keyboard), and I

      can also do a RAM Preview with both video and audio just as fine. But, let's say,  when the RAM Preview loads, and it starts to play (both video and audio , fine ) , let's say that I want to pause the video at about 10 seconds. I could do that just by pressing spacebar, but then when I want to continue the RAM Preview ( by pressing 0 , or clicking the icon) , It's starts playing from the beginning, and not from the position of my play head, when I paused(which is at 10 seconds).


      So my question is : How do I resume the RAM Preview from the position of my play head?


      Keep in mind that I could continue the preview by pressing spacebar or (.) on the numpad , but that would resume the playback for just video (in the first case), or audio (in the second case) .


      Thanks in advance.