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    Get two licenses that work on Mac and PC.



           I am a student who was hired by a company to make multiple videos explaining what they do as a company and how it is done. We would like to purchase Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and use it to create the videos. My employer uses a Mac and I use a PC. I will be doing quite a bit of the work from home and some at the office as well. We would like to know if there was a way to purchase Adobe Premiere Pro CS6  with two licenses that can be downloaded on two separate machines, one on a PC and one on a Mac.


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      Jesse Scholz

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you purchase two licenses, one for a windows machine and one for an apple machine, then you should have no problem installing on two machines, one a windows machine and the other an apple machine, respectively.  The two licenses would essentially be separate purchases.


          A single user license allows for installation and activation on two machines (of the same platform), so you could actually install the windows license on two windows machines and the apple license on two apple machines.  What you can't do is buy one license and use it for one windows machine and one apple machine.


          If you want to save money and only make one purchase...  If you were to purchase a single user Creative Cloud subscription, then you could use the same subscription to install on the two different platforms.  The only issue then becomes the next condition wherein you can only be using one of the two installations at a given time.  But if you would be the only one using the machines that should not be a problem.