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    X-rite color Checker Folder Path


      I am a photo assistant based in Montreal I'm having issue with X-rite profile location in computer folder...



      We did create a custom profile with color checker passport during a shoot, re-starded Lightroom then used the custom profile. From there, everything work fine!


      My Problem is that after several shoot we have so many profiles in the list (in Lightroom) so we want to delete some manually in the laptop folder. I have been searching over forum during the past 2 days...every forum say that the good path to see them is:


      Library/Applications Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/


      But, iI can't see them in this folder...


      My question is: Where did they go and how can I delete/manage these? cause right now we have too much profile in Lightroom profile listing.


      We using a Macbook pro laptop (2014) with a 5d mark III


      Thanks in advance, Pascal