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    White circle under brush in CC?

    Keri Wilhelm

      Not sure why but since the last few days a white circle under my brush keeps popping up right when I put my tablet pen on an area I want work on, then goes away - it is very annoying to say the least - anyone know how I can get it to go away entirely?  Doesn't happen with my CS6 version.  I am running Windows 8 on a Dell laptop.


      Thanks so much!


      Dallas, TX

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          You may be referring to Photoshop?  I think what you're seeing is a brush preference.


          The circle shows a preview of the maximum size of your brush when you "hover", when you start to draw, the icon goes away.


          You can change this by going to your preferences, selecting "Cursors", then choosing a type other than Brush Tip.


          Alternate Solutions:

          • There are screen capture software options that show a circle around ANY cursor movement until you press down.
          • Accessibility Options may also create an alternate cursor under your mouse/stylus position
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            Keri Wilhelm Level 1

            Thanks so much!  Yes, was referring to photoshop


            I'm teaching myself everything and was pulling out my hair on this one lol - will go check that out.