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    recording changes to text

    quiet canadian Level 1

      I am wondering if Captivate is able to record changes in text. I am dealing with a Word document which we would like to show being updated in real time, e.g. hilighting a sentence and then typing in a new sentence. Is this possible in Captivate? And if so what settings would I need to make this work?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi quiet canadian and welcome to our community

          Captivate should record that just fine. I would suggest recording using Demonstration mode with the "Record Keystrokes" opton enabled.

          To configure these, click Options > Recording Options... > Recording Options tab. Ensure the "Enable auto recording" check box is selected. Then ensure the Recording Mode is "Demonstration". From there, look down the dialog a bit and ensure the "Record keystrokes" check box is selected. Once you do this, click the "Full Motion Recording" tab. Ensure the "Automatically use full motion capture for drag-and-drop operations" check box is selected. (This should cause the highlight to be captured nicely).

          Once you do all that, click OK to dismiss the dialog, fire up Word and load your document, then record away!

          Cheers... Rick
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            quiet canadian Level 1
            Thanks Rick!