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    Not receiving any confirmations

    nadinac49792772 Level 1

      With AdobeSend, I am no longer receiving "Sent" confirmation nor "Downloaded" confirmations.  "New and improved" is new an terrible.

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          Alex Glosband Adobe Employee

          Hi Nadina,


          I'm very sorry you're not happy with the new service. Some things in Adobe Send are a little different than they were in SendNow but you should still get an email notification when the files you sent have been viewed.


          The invitation email that gets sent to your recipients has a View File(s) button and an invitation link. If the person you sent the files to clicks on either of these, you should get an email notification.


          Looking in our logs for files that you sent, I'm not seeing that any of the files have been viewed. Could you please confirm that the person you sent the files to has viewed them?


          Currently with Adobe Send, you'll only get an email notification the first time the files get viewed by the recipient. If you're interested in seeing how many times the files you sent have been viewed or how many times they have been downloaded, we track all of this information on the web site.


          You can see the full activity for the files you sent by going to the Sent Files page on the cloud.acrobat.com web site. If you click on one of your sent files to open it, you should see a View Full Activity link in the right hand panel. This will bring up a dialog with all the activity we've recorded for the sent files.


          The reason we don't send email every time the files have been viewed or downloaded is that we didn't want to send users too many email messages. We thought that most people probably get enough email as it is.


          If you're not happy with the way notifications work or would like more options to configure what notifications you get via email please let us know. We're very interested in your feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve the service.