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    Cannot use any adobe products on my laptop osx 10.9.2 - Adobe rep abandoned and never resolved!!!

    MadisonMarx Level 1

      I've been paying for this service for well over a year.  All of a sudden, after using adobe cloud apps for many months, it decides to not accept my login allowing me to use the products.  It's a vicious cycle of confirming my account info, tells me to enjoy the products and then never launched the apps and asks me to sign in again.  I contacted support who "worked" on the issue over the course of a drawn out couple of months and NEVER found or offered me a solution and completely abandoned our communication.  I have emails representing our communication which abruptly ended when they decided to go dark on me. 


      The stupid thing is that, in the beginning, when tried and allowed the "free trial" route to work, the apps worked.  When that ran out again, they stopped working so it is absolutely something with adobe.  Just put me on a never ending free trial or something for crying out loud if thats the only solution!

      I'm trying to pick this back up and see if theres a more capable rep that can fix this.  Apparently, this issue was scaled up to upper level support which never resolved anything.


      I need a solution!  I've tried to reach out to the rep many many times with no response.


      I can supply a customer rep with all emails from the start to go over the situation to save on time and redundancy of questions like.


      Thank you.