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    Premiere Pro Crashing Discussions

    Loveppro11 Level 1

      There is so many discussions on PPRO CC 2014 crashing.

      Adobe are you working on a fix?

      It would help to communicate what is going on versus silence or asking me what 3rd party software might be causing it.

      I use:

      Redgiants Pluraleyes

      New Blue transitions

      Neat for Noise removal


      Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 5.16.41 PM.png


      I even uninstalled Media Encoder and PPRO CC 2014.2 and reinstalled both.

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, Adobe Media Encoder IS the export programming for PrPro. You use it either directly in PrPro for immediate render-exports or by queuing to it to schedule a later run while you're not still editing.


          As to what plugins can cause crashes or problems, well ... on any particular machine it could be X .... which runs perfectly fine on the next 20 machines. For a while last year PluralEyes came up suspicious or as a culprit every so often. As I recall it was something like uninstall it and then reinstall with new download that seemed to clean it up, but probably it was something sort of maybe like that.


          Boris has come up for some, for others it was one of the denoising plugins ... again, all of which worked fine for many others.


          And I'd note a lot of people have come on here angry with Adobe as a plugin made by someone that Adobe has no connection nor control over is causing problems. A few times Ive queried them as to whether they've tried to work with the plugin maker on it only tobe told they tried but couldn't a response. Which puzzled me more. So they bought a plugin from someone which is causing problems and the people that built and sold them the plugin won't even answer their email. But they're angry with Adobe. I don't quite get this.


          If I buy a car, then decide to put some new electronic gear on it that causes some of the original gear not to work right, would I expect the car company to fix it? You know, I'd probably go see the other people. But then I'm oft told I'm ... strange. 



          (And yes, by numerous comments by staffers here on the forum, they're working on any number of problems.)

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            Loveppro11 Level 1

            You guys should buy red giant.

            Plural eyes is the best.


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