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    How to print specific image size?


      Hi Gang - how do I print a 11x15" image onto 13x19" photo paper?  At first it seems easy, but things aren't making sense. Here's what I did:


      I exported the photo and used the LR image resize dialog area to 11x15" - easy.


      I imported the exported image (assuming the image was 11x15") and then went to the LR print area - this is where the confusion begins. 


      The print tab shows the image dimensions as 8 x10.19 in.  Help, how do I make it the 11x15" I need it to be?


      I understand that I'll need to adjust the image to get the portion I want into the 11x15 space, but for now, I can't even get the size to 11x15".


      I tried custom package options, but no luck there.


      I do have Canon's Print Studio Pro plug-in which works great. Except, once again, I don't know how to instruct it to print the image dimension 11x15" on the 13x19" paper.


      Fiddling with settings, I printed a dozen attempts, and still no luck achieving 11x15" image size on the 13x19" paper.  For now, I'm OK with the image getting cut off or other skew - baby steps - I need to learn how to make the image print 11x15" image size.A


      Thanks for offering suggestions.


      Screen shot shows my 11x15" image is 8x10.19; I don;t know how to make it 11x15".



      LR v5.7

      Mac OS X Yosemite v10.10.2

      Brain: generally intuitive, but need help on this question!

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first step in the Lightroom Print module is to click the Page Setup button, select your printer, and then select the paper size. From your screen shot it looks like the correct paper size hasn't  been selected yet, because you said you wanted to print on 13 x 19 inch paper, but the paper on screen is only 8.5 inches wide. My guess is that Page Setup is still set for US Letter size paper, and that you should go back to Page Setup and change it. After you do that, if your Layout Style is set to Single Image you should be able to set the Cell Size to 11 x 15 inches.

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            Bob Somrak Level 6

            You also DON'T have to export it to 11X15 (which is not happening as you think it is anyway) and reimporting back into Lightroom.  You just print the original file cropped to an 11X15 ASPECT RATIO directly in Lightroom.

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              SteveOToole Level 1

              Thank you Saturn: I'm accustomed to using the panels to make adjustments an didn't think of looking through the menu - thank you!  Next step is calling Canon how to get required 11x15 using thier Photo Printer Pro plug-in for LR (I think I can do it, but I don't see any way to confirm the print will be 11x5 - there's no ruler or other that I can find to tell me the dimension that will be printed - they have page size, but not image dimension size, that I can find).


              Virtually shaking ur hand in thanks!

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                SteveOToole Level 1

                Hi Bob, I thought the same as you mentioned in your reply. However, I was becoming desperate and saw export/import idea advise on YouTube tutorials and other LR articles, so I thought to give a try. Thanks for confirming what my gut had already told me  :-)

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                  SteveOToole Level 1

                  FYI @ Canon's Print Studio Pro software:  as of v4, their customer service advised the software does not offer the functionality to print a specific dimension photo. They were first class service and let me know LR does this.  Hope this thread and replies helps others having same questions.