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    Guidance needed with PS/LR file/folder management.


      Hi all,

      For many years my photography on the computer was PCs, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, a confused folder structure, and rather infrequent backups.

      I've just moved to an iMac, restructured my image folders, purchased 3 LaCie 1TB external drives and have started getting acquainted with Lightroom (for both DAM and initial image editing).


      So, as I prepare to move across onto the new hardware....and for better organisation in the new world, I was thinking....


      iMac (512G flash) to store LR Catalog, LR/PS preferences and any presets

      External Drive 1 (ED1)

      to store original and DNG converted images (currently ~ 150GB of 20-30MB images).

      Other supporting files (eg textures) also on ED1


      ED2 used to backup ED1

      ED3 used to back up the iMac


      Assuming the above structure makes sense and is sufficient, my question is rather simple, where would be best to save PSD and other PS files? 

      a) on ED1 or on the iMac?

      b) if ED1, within same folders as the original/DNG images or separately?


      thanks for any advice