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    Loosing space on my disk C → Lightroom + PS CC

    Robert Simeg

      Hi, I regularly lose space on my dick "C" during working in Lightroom and PS CC. Unfortunately it does not come back after closing programs so I suspect that Lightroom or PS save some files somewhere on the disk and I don´t know where. I have checked "temp"; "catche" but I have not find anything. O work in Lightroom and then I click "edit in PS CC 2014" I set 16bit TIFF. It used to create 16bit TIFF file and after saving picture I deleted this file but nowadays it doesn´t create TIFF file. I can´t find the cause of loosing space on my disk. Can anybody help me? I am really disappointed. Thank you

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Yes in LR it is the Cache file and it is user selectable. In the LR preferences on the File Handling tab 3 quarter of the way down under "Camera Raw Cache Settings". you can select the drive to put it on and the max size for it.


          LR Cache settings..PNG


          You can also Purge the cache to empty it.


          In Photoshop it is called the Scratch disk. Again this is user selectable. You also find that in the PS preferences.