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    Flex 2 Charting Multidimensional ArrayCollection

    nprzybylo Level 1
      I am trying to bind an array collection in a line chart. Since I can have any number of series for a given situation, I actuallly have an array collection with a category variable and an imbedded array collection. What is the syntax in the yfield attribute of the Line Series element to access a specific number in the embedded array.

      The array collection that is bound to the chart consists of objects that are added like so:

      siblingChartData.addItem({month:siblingXMLData[0].month .attribute("label").toString(), embedArray:buffer});

      Where the buffer is a separate ArrayCollection of varying size.

      I think it should be something along the lines of:


      But this fails to work. If I just leave it at "embedArray", it returns the first item successfully, but there's no way to get any subsequent items.