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    help with focus

      Help I'm stuck!!

      I'm building an app that uses just the keybord (no mouse). First is the Log In: The usr enters the app & focus is on the list componenet (displays users) to find the user. The usr arrow keys down and finds his username. If a password is required for this user a log in box MC appears and the focus shifts to the input field of the log in MC to enter password. Once inside the log in box mc I have a key listener that listens for up and down arrow movement to get out of the log in box. If usr hits up or down arrow the box disappears and focus goes back to the list component. So far I can get all that to work. However once focus goes back to the list component I can't get the input field inside the log in box MC to regain focus. It only gives it focus the first time the log in box appears.

      I don't get it. I have tryed to switch it with
      if(_root.focusManager.getFocus() == _level0.list){

      and other methods but no luck.

      I would appreciate assistance or suggestions please.

      thanks- Frank