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    GTX 750ti or Radeon HD 7970 For After Effects




      I am building a new PC , mainly for working with After Effects, but I can't decide between the Nvidia GTX 750Ti and AMD Radeon HD 7970.

      Ok, so the 750ti is newer, but it's much weaker that the HD 7970 ( it has less memory, less shading units, lower pixel rate, lower texture rate, etc. , etc. ) , but it also has a much lower power consumption (which really doesn't matter to me). But the huge plus is that it has Nvidia Cuda, which can work in After Effects.


      So, my question is : How much does Cuda actually help? Is it better that a card is more powerful ( in terms of all the other stats that I wrote) , or is it better that it is less powerful , but has Cuda?


      Thanks in advance.


      (BTW, I currently have AMD Radeon HD 7770, and I have a really weak and old CPU, that I plan to upgrade after the GPU)