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    Why the video playback stotter but audio is ok and all system resources are ok as well?



      I'm using Premiere Elements 12 and prepared a project using m2ts files of my sony camera. When I started the project, everything was find, editing easy. Now, some months later I wanted to finish the project on the same laptop ( Intel Cor i5-4200 2,50GHz, 8GB RAM, 64 bit Windwos 8.1, 1TB Hybrid HDD, dual graphic: Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GT740M). The system resources are not completly used during the playback, maybe 10 - 15% usage, RAM is between 20 and 50% usage, harddrive usage is between 10 and 40% usage. Video data are stored local on the harddrive (not on USB or network).


      When I open the original files in e.g. VLC or Media Player the playback is perfect, no interupts. The playback of rendered elements in Premiere Elements is without interupts as well. Only "native", untouched HD material stotters after a short time I'm working on the project. It's the same for other videos, when I start a new project. It's anoying me because it was the reason why I decided for the SW.


      I deinstalled Premiere Elements completly, used also CCleaner to remove unused registry entries... reinstalled it completly after some restarts... updated to but after an afternoon of installation, the same issue is back.


      Who can help me to fix it? Thanks for your feedback.