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    file damaged? What happened? I can't open it anymore!?




      I have a bit of a problem. I own Adobe Premiere pro. I have edited a film about my vacation, it is about 2 hours long. I can't open it anymore, it was completely exported and done. But now it just shows a black screen in the exported file. Why? So than I was like, well I'll just open the premiere file in premiere and then I'll just export it again. Well that didn't work. In premiere it says that the file is damaged, so I can't open it..

      Have I just lost my 2 hour long film? I didn't save it anywhere els because I thought that it was already saved and that I didn't have to worry about it.. I wanted to save it on a dvd and thats when I found out that it was gone.. I still have all the lose clips accept for 1 but that can't be the problem, can it?

      I can send abode the file via email so that they can maybe, hopefully help me?

      You could say that I am mad and sad.. If you can't help me I'll have to edit the 199 clips all over again.. sh*t...