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    How can I make links clickable on all PDF viewers/readers?


      I have an InDesign document that's been built to be 'interactive' when printed as a PDF: along the top of each page are links that allow you to skip ahead in the document to specific pages. The links are created using boxes over the relevant text that are set up in an alternate layer of the Indesign document. The links just take the reader to a specific page of the PDF - not to an element on a page. There are minimal images - one on the cover and a logo on every page. It's mainly text.


      The links open in the PDF when viewed in Acrobat, and also on on Mac Book (it looks great!), but they don't open on iPads or other devices (and it looks like a complete dud when viewed this way). Are there some settings I can change/use to make my document 'clickable' from all readers?


      I'm very far ahead with this project and need to publish it urgently. I wasn't aware of this issue previously. Any suggestions/solutions gratefully received. Just to clarify - the links are mostly internal. I just need people to be able to jump around within the document.