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    Clear View Stack

      Hey Guys,
      I have a view stack that contains 2 views. One being a "login" view and the other being a "console" view. Is there a way to completly clear a view when you leave it, so the next time it enters it completly reloads?

      I'm logged in looking a a certain page in the console. I click "logout" switching me the the "login" view. I login again switching it back to the "console" view, but instead of reloading and landing on the first page, the view is still looking at the page that i was last looking at.

      I know i could simply put a "show" event to make it look at the correct page, but i have encountered this in other places, where it would just be nice for the entire view to clear upon exit... or atleast force it to reload every time it was entered.

      Thanks in advance.