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    Radio button find

    187_2007 Level 1
      I have 4 radio buttons:

      <mx:RadioButton label="Parent" data="Parent" id="exportParentID" groupName="ExportRadio"/>
      <mx:RadioButton label="Site" data="Site" id="exportSiteID" groupName="ExportRadio"/>
      <mx:RadioButton label="Format" data="Format" id="exportFormatID" groupName="ExportRadio"/>
      <mx:RadioButton label="Size" data="Size" id="exportSizeID" groupName="ExportRadio"/>
      <mx:Button label="Search" click="ExportSearch();"/>

      When I click on the SEARCH button I have some actionScript that is invoked:

      public function ExportSearch():void{
      ...loop Radio?

      Is there an easy way to determine which radio button I selected? Or am I gonna have to loop them?