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    As an Adobe ID user I want to change my primary email address...


      So I did the stupid thing and signed up with an email address that did not last to infinity and beyond. When I tried to change it – nothing happened. After reloading the page the old address was still there.


      I contacted customer services via chat. They told me that I had to cancel my plan and sign up with a new ID ( ! ) in order to fix the issue. Luckily I was not charged any fees for the cancelation of my old plan, and was told I could keep the same plan as before when signing up again. I was then transferred to sales.


      The person in sales presented me with a price that is not presented anywhere on adobe.com. for my national site. Now, if this had been a lower price that would have been ok. However, the plan presented to me was approx. USD 25 more per month than the one I had before. I sent the invoice# for my latest invoice from the now cancelled account, I then sent the product ID#, and finally I sent a PDF of the entire invoice, but nothing seemed to help. Customer services insisted I had been paying the price they presented ...for ever.


      So here I am:


      A couple of hours on chat got me...


      ... No active Adobe CC

      ... An offer for a subscription that will cost me USD300/year more

      ... Two active Adobe IDs instead of one, and all the "benefits" included.

      ... An invitation to call some 800 number to fix it in the morning.


      All this just because I wanted to change the primary e-mail address? Is this the normal way to handle this issue?


      I am sure it will work out in the end, but it sure was a wasted Sunday night.