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    Multiline text field with automatic font resizing


      I have a multiline text field that I would like to let other users type in. However, because I'm not sure of how much they will take, I'd like to have the font automatically decrease to fit the field. It would be nice if the field could also support rich formatting, but this isn't a must.


      I actually successfully implemented a multiline text field with rich text and the automatic font resizing feature using some kind of JavaScript, but now I can't locate the original instructions. I also tried opening the PDF where this works and then just going in to see what JavaScript is there, but Acrobat won't let me edit the form for some reason. I've posted this file here: http://ge.tt/5rJz8SB2/v/0


      I've search high and low for an answer to this and I'm not finding anything. Most of the pages I have found seem to indicate it isn't possible ... which wouldn't surprise me except that I did it!


      Does anyone have any idea what the JavaScript is to make this work?