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    Experiencing repeated crashes with Premier Pro CC 2014. Perhaps began after updating a month ago.


      While working, Premier will display the message, " A serious problem has occurred that requires PP CC 2014 to shut down, we will try to save..." The software acts normally for a few more seconds, I even have time to save the project, then it shuts down. I am able to open a recovery project, and work is usually not lost. This does waste a lot of time, and I would like to understand the underlying problem. This has been happening far more often since I updated a month ago.


      I am running on a 2011 macbook pro, i7 processor, 16gb ram.


      OSX Version 10.9.5


      1080p 23.976 dslr footage.

      Is this a matter of my computer's speed? A bug perhaps?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.