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    Photos removed from catalog


      Hi there,

      Lightroom 5 removed a bunch of photos from my library and I can't seem to figure out why. They still exist in the same location in my system, just not in LR.  I had to reimport them, however none of my edits remain.  How can I fix this?


      Any help is greatly appreciated!


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          By default LR stores all edits in the catalog file. Once the images are removed from the catalog all edits done previously are lost. So I suggest you start writing those edits to a XMP sidecar file. That is a setting in the catalog settings in the Metadata tab. Check "Automatically write changes to XMP".


          As to why those images were removed from the catalog I have no idea. I personally have never had this happen. The only time images get removed from the catalog is when I delete them and at that time I also delete them from my hard drive.

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            mdunn5061 Level 1

            Yeah it certainly is strange... especially cos they are in the exact same spot I uploaded them in the 2015 folder on my hard drive, so I know they haven't been moved or deleted.


            Thanks for the tip though

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Well LR gives you a choice to either remove from just the catalog or delete from disk when removing images from the catalog. Could be you accidentally removed them.

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                Vincent Walter Level 1

                My issue is 2x fold.  I've been using LR since "beta 1.0" days on Apple.

                I am possibly switching to Windows (Apple keeps cancelling things I still use with every system update I am eventually forced into updating to).

                This is a Windows issue.  I have an external hard drive with various jobs on it.  For some reason I booted up today and everything was grey.  No biggie but why.  I have re-imported/connected jobs without issue...   EXCEPT ONE.  which does not show up with the edits I did in Light room... and they were extensive!!  Sorts  for one using stars and colors and flags,  let alone the rest.  Where did it all go??  Wondering if I didn't save right when I last closed LR or something.  Anyway. the pics are there.  I wonder why the "local " letter (d:) vs (E:) has changed...  Windows is weird, I'm using os 10. something mostly without issue.  Thanks in advance.

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  Windows will assign drive letter by the first available letter for the first external drive connected.

                  So if you have 2 external drives, A and B, and you connect drive A it will get drive letter E. If you then disconnect drive A and connect drive B it will also get drive letter E. If you leave drive A connected, with the drive letter E, and connect drive B drive B will get drive letter F.

                  But all that can change by which drive is connected first, if you leave or disconnect the first drive connected before connecting the second.


                  The way to stop all that is for every external you plan on using use Disk Management to Assign drive letters to them. I start at the end of the alphabet and work my way up.

                  Once you actually Assign a drive letter to a drive it will always get that same drive letter.


                  Your problem is you should not of Re-Imported your images, now you have duplicates. You should of use the Find missing folders and or files to tell LR the drive letter had changed.

                  To get your edits back you have to delete the Re-imported images then Reconnect the original images to the drive they are stored on with the new, different, drive letter.

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                    Vincent Walter Level 1

                    Wow  ^^^^  that all makes sense.  Thanks I think I will be able to sort through all that and get it fixed.  I found it hard to believe I "deleted" a folder with the "edit / balance " data along with it.  I just don't delete "permanently" files very often.  Let alone 2800 of them.  Thanks how much does Adobe pay your for your consulting?



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                      Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                      Sorry you don't Delete From Disk, You Remove From Catalog. Sorry for the confusion.


                      Before you do anything please post a screen shot of the library module showing the Folders area.

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                        Vincent Walter Level 1

                        "New Volume D" is the re-pop (it is grey in snap because I disconnected to archive the stuff on it) at the moment.

                        The "Local V" e"  one of the Re-name attempts externally I did today.


                        The "funny folder" that started this mess is  "4-19-206 Ag Day 2 6000" has the goods but isn't "hooking up" with the sorts and color edits and such.


                        I am confused as to why it is not lieted in "Local V" with all the "?"

                        I last used the folder on May 3... and I've done a lot of work since then.


                        Thanks again in advance... I'm going home, and have an assignment in the morning so if I don't reply right away I'm not flaking out. 


                        lrSnip (1).PNG

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                          Vincent Walter Level 1

                          ^^^^ also confused with the "number total" on the side.  "633 vs 4493" for 4-20-16 ag doesn't make sense even with the j-peg export folders "hidding down a level"  especially with a 1 in 5 or even 1-10 "keeper" rate for this kind of work.  "run and gun" p-journalism/documentary work.