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    Media Browser not showing my network drive

    JMDlugosz Level 1


      I'm off to a good start... following the very first tutorial on importing media files, I want to just paste the path since I have it open in a different app (\\OORT\Media\Video-work\2015\02-February\28-ACP\raw) but I can't find anyplace to type.  Where is the text entry box?


      So navigate from the top, which will take at least 8 clicks and eyeballing the right directory at each step.

      Ah... where is \\Oort\Media ?   The tree is only showing one of the six network shares published by that server.

      (I did get the project started.  I dragged the files from a file browser to the Project window.  At least I got from the tutorial which window to drop on; my naive first try didn't do what I wanted.)