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    After Effects CC 2014 plays/renders incorrect audio for mp3 (Mac OS X Yosemite)

    brigittesutherland Level 1



      I'm translating the audio for a number of animations made in AE. Sometimes when the mac users import new audio in another language, AE plays and renders a totally different mp3 file than what has been imported. It is playing another piece of translated audio from another folder but I can't tell where from (as it's in another language).


      When I click reveal in Finder, the track in Finder plays the correct audio.

      When I re-import after purging and emptying caches, AE still plays the wrong audio.


      I found a work around where if I copy and re-name the audio and import that it works. The problem is, we can't tell when this has occurred until reviews have been performed and it's costing us a lot of time in re-renders and fixing.


      Does anyone know what causes this problem? Has anyone even encountered it?


      Any advice is much appreciated.