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    Problem opening epub3 with remote videos on Google Books


      So far we have seen that the best app for opening epub 3 smoothly is Google Books

      We know it doesn't open files larger than 100 Mb and that it doesn't display videos but we designed a single product with videos that should work both for iBooks and Google Books.

      This way we can sell a single product from our eCommerce (we have to for some reasons).

      On iBooks the product is opened showing videos perfectly, on Google Books it should display the poster image of the html5 video tag instead of the video.

      That works exactly like that if we do a rendering from Adobe Indesign and we manage to insert videos in the epub3 file without going over 100 Mb.

      We have several videos thou and it's impossible to be under 100 Mb when videos are a big part of our product.

      So we found out about remote videos and what I do is that I take the epub3 with videos inside that comes from Indesign and I open it with an epub3 editor (Viewporter Epub3 Editor).

      Then i delete the videos and change the code so that the html5 picks the video from my ftp.

      That works just fine with iBooks and it's actually better since we got from 300 Mb to 50 Mb, it's lighter smoother and all that on the iPad.

      The main problem is that Google Books, which now should be happy since it's less than 100 Mb, doesn't want to open the file anymore.

      We were expecting Google Books was opening the file without displaying the videos but just the poster image of the video instead, like it did with epub3 with videos inside the file, made by Indesign (under 100 Mb).

      I really don't know where should I ask help with this.

      We have been using several different programs, I don't even know whose fault is.

      Please help me.