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    16 bit linear footage bleached out after render


      hey there,

      i got a linear 16-bit multipass-layered psd sequence which i imported to after effects.




      the ae-project is set to 16 bpc working space "sRGB" and "linearize workflow" on.




      it looks great in after effects. i even got rid of extreme banding in ram preview (pref/previews/col-man to "more accurate").




      but when i render my tweaked comp to quicktime, it appears extremely washed out:




      i tried animation codec as well as h264, both in 100% quality.

      only when i checked "preserve RGB" in the color management of the output module, it was not washed out. instead it looked somehow too dark. much better then the bleached version, but still not right.




      what do i do wrong?




      edit: sometimes only the first few frames are "washed out" and the rest is fine... o_O