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    print quality from fireworks


      I have used fireworks to create some A5 flyers only to find out that the quality will not be good enough for the final product.


      I know now that I should've used Illustrator or Indesign but I don't have access to Illustrator and my knowledge of Indesign is too limited for me to be able to recreate the images.


      If anyone could give me advice on how to make my fireworks file useable for print or if anyone could give me advice on how to recreate the image in indesign that would be great.


      Please help!!!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Most likely not at all. As a web prototyping tool, FW is stuck at 72 DPI and RGB, which is nothing anyone with brains would use to print. Even if you export a file and blow its size up elsewhere it will not be any better. You probably realyl need to rebuild it from scratch.