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    InDesign complaint about saving files.

    Holland's Office

      This annoys the HELL out of me. If there is a setting for this I have not found it.


      Using Bridge I open an InDesign file, a business card for example, and change the name. I "Save As", change the name of the file and save. WHY IN THE HELL does ID NOT save to the folder that the file was opened FROM. Instead, it saves to the LAST folder ID saved to.


      Photoshop does NOT do this.

      AI does NOT do this.

      Acrobat does NOT do this.

      Lightroom does NOT do this.


      The above apps save to the exact same file folder that that the file was opened from. You have to tell these apps to save into another location. This is logical.


      As best I can tell, ID is the ONLY App that "Save As" to a last folder it's saved to, regardless of how long it been since ID's been used. I have to spend time to find a file I just saved (Most of the time searching with Bridge won't show a new file). The best way to do it is to open any ID file, click "Save As" and see where it put it. It took me a while to figure out why it was selecting the folder to save to. This makes no sense.


      FIX THIS!!!!!!!! Bring ID in line with EVERY OTHER CREATIVE SUITE PROGRAM.


      (I used Comic Sans because it's almost as annoying as this issue.)