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    Moving referenced files.


      Hey guys, I use Lightroom to organize and rate images I collect for inspiration. I currently have all the files I reference in my Dropbox folder, and the catalogue structure mimics the actual physical folder structure, but it's become too large for my account size. There are 4gb of files (The catalogue is just over 100mb).


      Could somebody walk me through the process of:


      1. Changing the physical location of the referenced files without breaking the catalogue and its ratings / file structure.
      2. Making sure Lightroom is able to reference them for offline viewing, even if I store them on an offline external drive?

      3. Making this catalogue viewable in the IOS app, and having it be somewhat up to date (I just need to browse. No editing required)


      Bonus Question: Can the app handle more than one catalogue? (ie. The one described above, and another for my actual work?)