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    Files Window Requires Manual Collapsing On MAc

    pliles Level 1

      I am used Dreamweaver CS5 (11.0) on a Mac.


      When I change many files, I use the "Select Most Recently Modified" and the files listing in the files window expands out and highlights all of the modified files.   I upload those files with a single click of the upload-arrow and all is good!


      The issue is that the files view window now has 100 directories expanded out so finding something in that list is a long and  tedious process.


      The only solution I have found is to manually go through each open directory and click the down-arrow and collapse that specific directory.  After 50 or so clicks my nerves get frazzled and eyes begin to hurt.... lol!


      Is there some command  that I am missing to COLLAPSE the listing of files/directories back to normal??