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    Interactive Presentation

      Hi everyone. I am developing a test in Captivate. I am having two issues:

      1) When I hit the "submit" button to answer a question I get an alert saying that e-mail is going to be sent to the training administrator (that is me). "Submitting this form will expose your e-mail address to the recipeint and so on and so on".

      2) If the student answers a question incorrectly Captivate 2 is setup to take them to a review slide and then back to the question slide automatically. The problem is when returning from the review slide the program seems to freeze and I cannot re-answer the question or clear my previous answer.

      Probably basic to some of you experts but bewildering to me.
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          I am having the same problem as your #2!! This is very irritating .... if you get any replies or find any solution to this PLEASE let me know - Captivate2 is useless to me for testing and quizes if this continues to happen.

          Thanks in advance!!
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            There is a difference between the "review" feature of Captivate and the
            ability to retake the quiz. By default, assuming that you only allow an
            incorrect question to be answered once, when a learner navigates within a
            quiz - the learner always see's their previous answers and are not able to
            change their answer. However, the key words are "navigates within a quiz".
            To navigate within a quiz means that the learner is in a slide between the
            first slide in the quiz and the results page (or the last page of the quiz,
            if you don't display the results page). This means that once a learner gets
            to the first page of a quiz and does NOT navigate outside of the quiz (and
            to clarify - they do not go to a slide BEFORE the first question or a slide
            AFTER the last slide) they will continue to see the results of how they
            answered previously answered questions. Once they navigate outside of a
            quiz - the quiz is reset and they can retake it.

            So... the simple solution *may* be to add a button to the results screen
            that says "retake quiz" and to navigate to the slide BEFORE the first
            question in the quiz.



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              Forgot to add... Ideally, the best method for sending an e-mail is to use a
              server-side script. However, because of a huge number of different
              environments, IT requirements/restrictions, URLs - Captivate doesn't use a
              server-side script for sending e-mail data. If want e-mail, I would
              experiment and implement a server-side script and modify the JavaScript
              files to send the e-mail to your script.