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    Whenever I turn off my laptop and turn it back on I have to re download flash player on my laptop?


      I tried downloading google chrome, but whenever I go and watch a video or play an online game on google chrome my laptop does the blue screen of death so I had to delete it. I used firefox, opera, safari and Internet explorer and although my computer doesn't do the blue screen of death it still manages to stop flash player from working whenever I restart my laptop. I also downloaded each flash player, including the NPPAPI version, PPAPI version and the active x version but the same thing keeps happening. The flash player is still there in my laptop but the plug in for it is not their nor is it an extension on any of my browsers causing me to re download them each time I restart my laptop. So I deleted everything on my laptop to do with flash player and performed a clean install but it keeps on happening. Can someone please help me ASAP!!!!!!

      I am currently using Adobe Flash Player

      The laptop I am using is a Dell Studio 1555