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    ePub font issues in Adobe Digital Editions


      Hello all,


      I've literally jumped at the new feature of being able to create Fixed Layout ePubs from InDesign CC2014. Although it works like a charm on a Mac and on iOS with iBooks (including animations, fonts and embedded QuickTimes) and Adobe Digital Editions, it is an absolute pain on the Windows side of things.


      I have the very same document on Windows with Adobe Digital Editions and you would expect the same good result as on Mac but none of the (embedded) fonts are displayed correctly. Yes, I've used OTF fonts and they don't have restrictions... I checked it in Readium/Chrome and that works fortunately, but that isn't the ideal solution. Is there any other Reader app on Windows that shows everything as it should be shown? 

      Not to speak of Android... (if there are any tips what to use on that platform I'd appreciate it).


      I have created a simple test page with some fonts and attached is collection of screenshots of the different results. Also notice how the copy text has overlapping words!?


      If there is anyone out there that might have a clue about what is going on, I'd appreciate any help!



      Thanks a lot!