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    Over 2 hr wait on phone to cancel?!


      I called in trying to cancel my annual membership and they quoted me over a 2 hour wait! I had no option to leave a msg or have someone call me back. I do not have time to wait over 2 hours on the phone. The chat feature is not any better. I have been on the screen for over an hour and it still says "Hi, we are currently helping other customers in line ahead of you. We'll be with you as soon as possible." SOMEONE HELP ME! This automatically renews next month and I do not want to renew. Please someone help me because I do not know what to do anymore.

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          Just by reading other posts in the "Adobe Communities", I can see this is an ongoing, ridiculous issue.

          All cancellation methods appear to be designed to ensure that cancelling customers never, ever consider subscribing again - simply because it's too hard to escape.


          This is my day off and whether I phone Adobe, or sit and stare at my screen waiting for them to chat to me, it makes no difference.  Looks like I'll have to commit half a day to this, and today just isn't that day.

          Please explain why we have to speak to someone to cancel, but we didn't have to speak to someone to sign up?

          Would it be easier for Adobe, if I just changed my credit card info?

          Please just HELP US !!!!

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            KJSeal Level 1

            As a follow up, I was finally answered on chat.


            The representative was very helpful and apologetic.


            After following what I assume to be loyalty "retention" procedures, my account was finally cancelled.


            Maybe Adobe just doesn't assign enough people to the cancellation department, resulting in long wait times.


            From my initial attempt to final result was a 2 hour process.

            Frankly, I had planned to resubscribe at some point, but now I wouldn't, unless this process is improved.